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Tu BiShvat 2023, Sunday, February 5

JRC of Montreal is a meet up for those who are interested in Jewish culture
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Rosh Hodesh Kislev 2022

Our Mission

David and Eda Schottenstein Chabad Community Centre on 5380 Bourret Ave, Montreal, QC, includes the synagogue Anshei Israel and the Jewish Russian Community (JRC) of Montreal. Our main goal is to help Russian-speaking Jews to experience all the beauty of Judaism and to unveil their full potential by connecting to the Jewish heritage. We created friendly and accepting environment, developed various programs for different age groups and we run PanTree of Life Project to deliver food to people in need. We help newly arrived immigrants. You can use PayPal to donate with email or e-transfer. Credit card donations are also accepted by calling 514-918-5438 or contact form

Why Join Us

  • We offer Brit milah, Yartzeit and Kaddish services
  • Holiday programs, Judaica classes
  • Library, children's club, Jewish school placement
  • Senior programs, community integration
  • Food distribution, family counseling, hospital visitation
  • Grow your Community Network
  • Volunteer hours for supporters

Tu BiShvat 2023 starts In:

Previous Events

There are many weddings, bar- and bat-mitzvahs, anniversary and family celebrations. Purim and Chanukah parties for children and their parents, as well as Passover seders and Shabbats.
Event videos and images from previous years is a great way to show people what to expect at the conference and entice them to join. You can host more media content on YouTube link out to them in this section: Ипотека во время COVID, Курс лекций о здоровом питании

Our team

Our team consists of people with various backgrounds who dedicate their time and energy to support the community and create the atmosphere of friendship and inclusiveness.
Rabbi Yisroel Sirota
Founder & director
Providing overall governence of the various programs and projects, Rabbi Sirota is a spiritual leader of the Russian-speaking Jewish community of Montreal.
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Mrs Anna (Chana) Sirota
Russian-speaking Jewish community of Montreal
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Rachel Barin
Director of youth programs
She is entrepreneur, researcher and community supporter who is involved in creating a platform for Jewish kids and teens to experience the beauty of Judaism in full.
Elisheva Stolberg
Youth programs assistant,
Elisheva is currently a student at Machon Chana, New York. She enjoys cooking, baking, drawing, playing on musical instruments. Likes to organize events for teens to draw them closer to their Jewish roots.
He is high school student and our chess program leader. He started to play chess when he was 5 years old and tutoring since 12. Fun facts about Sam: he loves to look for recipes and cook, hang out with friends and play video games.


11:00 - 12:00

Sunday, Hebrew school

Zoom meeting
Welcome to Hebrew school! Jewish studies: Hebrew, Torah, Story time, Writing, Games, Social skills. Arts & music: Jewish holiday art, paining, sculpture and more, Music, vocals, Jewish songs, shows with Olga Perach

Schedule Coming Soon...

Schedule Coming Soon...


Shabbat Service

Sat 10am - 1pm
Shabbat service, short lecture from the Rabbi followed by Kiddush meal. Sponsoring opportunities avalable.

Online Men's Class / RUS

Wed 8pm - 9pm
Once a week online get together for men to discuss Torah and life.

Bar Mitzvah preparation

Once a week
We will help your son to prepare for this exciting new milestone.

JRC of Montreal is happy to assist in your every need

  • Personal and family counseling
  • Volunteer opportunitirs
  • Jewish wedding celebrations
  • Kosher meals and Shabbatons
  • Programs for kids and teenagers Cteen
  • Lessons, lectures and more
  • PanTree of life food program for someone in need

Volunteer opportunities

Let's serve community together

We have plenty of volunteer opportunities for seniors, adults and teenagers to help us build, create and maintain various programs in our community. We understand that our community is diverse and we run our programs in Russian, English and French.

PanTree of Life

PanTree of Life is a project of JRC Montreal aims to help disadvantaged Jewish families in Montreal by providing them with food. Most of the clients of PanTree of Life are newly arrived immigrants, elderly and sick people, single parent families. PanTree of Life organizes food banks before Jewish Holidays.

Hebrew School

Our school offers a warm and friendly Jewish atmosphere where children explore various aspects of Jewish life and traditions. We help children to preserve their Jewish identity through  child-centered educational approach, games, arts and participation in various Jewish events.

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Women's Group

We developed programs designed specifically for women to address current issues. We help women to experience a feel of belonging - when we feel comfortable and welcomed in a place. By creating and maintaining essential connections we help women to improve physical and mental health, both of which are key to a successful living.

Cteen programs

The life of modern teenagers is not easy. Being constantly under pressure by society, parets, peers, various gadgets and school Jewish teenagers are prone to loose their Jewish identity. We partner with the younger generation to create the programs that teens would love to help organize and participate. Programs includ leadership events, photography, cooking, yoga, chess club, games, music, food and drinks, teen lounge.

Sponsors & Partners

Our commitment To help individuals and families support the causes they care about and achieve their philanthropic goals To find solutions that are tax-wise and create greater impact; To ensure Montreal and its organizations remain strong and vibrant by helping build and carefully steward financial resources. We work in partnership with individuals, families and community.
Mazon Canada is on a mission to end hunger by supporting food projects across Canada - including food banks, school nutrition programs, hot meals at shelters, community gardens and more.